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1/2-ton automatic, electro-permanent lift magnet
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1/2-ton Lift Magnet:
For Flat & Round loads
Battery Charged - 1000 lifts

Call us for below the hook,  automatic lift magnets, spreader beams, telescoping magnetic spreader systems, and Machine Table Magnets.
Spreader Beams manufactured in Pearland, Texas, in the United States.
North America - Distributor
United States, Canada, Mexico
Lifton Magnets Distributor & Authorized Service Center
    Lifton Magnets        See the 1/2-Ton Magnet YouTube Video
Automatic Permanent Magnets   Serving international markets for over 10 years.
Auto Electro Permanent Lift Magnets Available in the following sizes:

1/2 Ton   500Kg     Ask about Custom Engineered Spreader Beams
1    Ton   900Kg
3    Ton  3,000Kg    From  3/16 - 2"  x   96 - 120"  x    240" - 480"
5    Ton  5,000Kg
10  Ton 10,000Kg     Auto Electro-Permanent Lift Magnets

  Southeast Regional
1114 Lay Dam Road
Clanton, Alabama 35045

+1 (832) 557 - 5517
see example spreader beam systems @ Surplus Records    


Lifton lift magnets:  Auto Electo-Permanent Lift Magnets for your hoists aboard your overhead cranes & jib cranes.

for "below the hook" Automatic Permanent Magnets.
  3x Rated Capacity

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