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3 Ton Electropermanent Lifting Magnet
Gel Cell Battery Operated Lift Magnet


6600 Lb Flat Lifting Capacity
2000 Lb Round Lifting Capacity
300 Cycle Lifts per charge
Remote Control included

Consumes Less Energy than Electro Magnets
Better Solution than Electro Magnets
Better Solution than Manual Lever Magnets

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Supreme Magnets® 3 ton Lifting Magnet with remote
Supreme Magnets® 3 Ton ELP Lift Magnet
100%Duty, Battery-Charged Electro-Permanent Lifter

3000 Kg / 6600 lb. Flat Lifting Capacity
 900 Kg / 2000 lb. Round Lifting Capacity

 Size:  440 lbs   10.5" W x 25.5" L x 13.5" H

Manual and Automatic Modes
Switch "Power On" to Automatic Mode,
and experience hands-free operation.

3 Ton Lifting Magnet YouTube video

3 Ton Lift Magnet Specifications pdf

Save Time by minimizing repetitive motion.
No arm lever to engage. Save your back.

Useful with Multi-Shift Manufacturing.

Efficient, Reliable & Safe to Operate.

Electropermanent battery technology ensures
safe lifting, even during power failure.

Safety Features ensure the load will not fall.

Supreme Magnets® 3 ton Lifting Magnet with remote 3000Kg lift magnet, lifting steel plate

Lifts Flats and Rounds:

6600 lb max capacity Flats
2000 lb max capacity Rounds

100% Lifting Capacity > 2" thick
Safely holds 1/4" thick parts, reduced capacity
Easily separate sheets at 1/4" thickness

For thin and thick, small to large.

Has 4 Adhesive Magnetic Force Levels
Adjust according to thickness of plates
"Fanning" / "Feathering" Capabilities

3x Safety Factor. 3x Rated.
Meets Requirements ASME B30.20

Properties of Neodymium Lift Magnets:

100% Lifting Capacity Mild Steel
  80% Lifting Capacity Alloy Steel
  50% Lifting Capacity Cast Iron

see manufacturer specifications for details.

Supreme Magnets® 3000Kg lifting magnet backside view

Do not operate until reading and understanding Operator's Manual.

Always stay clear of the load.
Always maintain magnet's Upright position.
Wipe magnetic poles between operations.
Never lift loads above 175F, 80C.
Scale, Rust, Oil, Cleanliness, Smoothness, Flatness can derate capacity.
Repairs & Modifications should only be performed by qualified personnel *.
Lodar 3-ton Lift Magnet REMOTE CONTROL

Push-button 3 Ton Remote Control
has "Fanning" and "Feathering" Capabilities

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24 Month warranty, Parts & Labor.

Shipping Weight 500 lb crate on pallet.

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