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Supreme Magnets® Automatic
Electro Permanent Lift Magnets

1/2 Ton Lift Magnet    $1989.00

Magnetizing Mild Steel Parts
Are you moving tons of steel at your shop?

Hundreds to Thousands of 50 - 1000 lb parts?

Mild Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel parts.

Custom steel parts, shapes and sizes.

Steel Plate Flats & Multiple Rounds

(Max Capacity on clean AISI 1020 steel plate)
(De-rate capacity for shape/dimensions/welds)

Move steel parts safer & more efficiently
with the most versatile 1/2 Ton Lift Magnet
available:  Supreme Magnets® SC-P1100
500Kg, 1100 Lb flat capacity.

See 1/2 Ton Permanent Lift Magnet video

See 1/2 Ton Lifting Magnet video #2

See 1100 Lb. Cordless Magnet pdf
Lifton 500Kg Lift Magnet Front
500Kg Lift Magnet:  Manual & Auto Modes
Automatic Sensing Controls
When in automatic-mode, no buttons to push,
No arm handle to pull twice per lift operation.

Helps prevent finger, arm & back injury, stress & strain.

Improves Safety & Production.

Cordless Battery Charged 1100 lb. Lift Magnet

Up to 1,000 cycle lifts per charge.
Full Charge in 2 - 3 hours, 110V electrical

Press 1 button to Turn On.
Press 2 buttons to activate Automatic Mode.
Mag/De-mag alternates with D-Shackle stroke.

When in Automatic Mode, no need to push buttons

Lifting Magnet has 3 strength settings:
Level 1: 25%, pick up single part from stack.
Level 2: 50%, medium strength
Level 3: 100% full-strength, Normal operation

Automatically Turns Off after 5 min non-use.

Lifton 500Kg Lift Magnet Specifications
Load Limits and Specifications meet
ASME B30.20 Standards.

Read Operator Manual before using.
Always inspect magnet/load every lift.
Always test load at minimum height.
Always stay clear of the load.

Strong Neodymium Magnets in use.
Danger: Do Not use with pacemaker.
Danger: Keep fingers clear when magnetizing.
Warning: Keep electronics/cell phones away.
Caution: Keep tools in pockets out of way.

3x rated Lift Capacity

Maximum Lift Capacity Mild Plate:
100%, 1100 lbs at > 1.20" thick,
           8' length x 3' width

(Approximate De-rated capacities, Plate:)

 70%,  770 lbs at 0.5 - 1.0" thick
  50%,  550 lbs at 0.25 - 0.5" thick
20 - 40% capacity at 0.187 - 0.25" thick

Suitable for two magnets on a small
Spreader Beam with Auto-Mode.

1/2 Ton Lifting Magnet Steel Pipe
Weight of Magnet:  47 Lbs.
Size / Dimensions:  7" x 9" x 10"
(including handle hold grip)

3x Capacity Rated. Tested to 3300 lbs. force.
1100 lb max capacity Flat (plate, bar)
  450 lb max capacity Round (pipe, tube)

Buzzer & Light indicate low battery levels
If magnet becomes discharged, magnet remains in last known state.
Battery used only to change state from Magnetize to Demagnetize.

Best & Most Efficient Uses:
1-ton Jib Crane with 1-ton Hoist,
Plate Magnet, Burn Table Magnet,
Saw-cutting Floor to Table Magnet,
CNC Machine, Machine Lift Magnet,
Deburring, Inspections Station,
Pallet Loading/unloading,
Shipping Department.

Shipping Weight 60 lbs.
Boxed in wooden crate for safe handling.

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