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Electro Permanent Spreader Beams

Steel Plate Magnetic Spreader Beam

Electro Permanent Spreader Beam for Steel Plate
Steel Plate Magnetic Telescoping Spreader Beam
Supreme Magnets

Designed, Installed, Maintained and Supported
by Advanced Crane & Hoist Services, Inc.

Process Operation:  Plasma Burning from 3/16" to 1"
Automatic Controls: Telescoping for 20' - 40' Plate.

Customer Site:  Houston, Texas, USA

Operations improved: Safety, Efficiency, Production.
Telescoping Spreader Beam installed mid 2017.

17,600 lb Capacity, 12-magnet Spreader Beam
from 3/16" x 96" x 240"  to  1" x 120" x 480"

Full Remote Control operations from cab or floor.
Fanning, Feathering, Inching capabilities.

No Battery Backup System Required.
Electricity Cost savings daily.

Electro Permanent Spreader Beam Plasma Burning

Are you Manufacturing Pressure Vessels?
Are you Manufacturing Heat Exchangers?

Does your Steel Processing include:
Production Plasma and Flame Burning?

Custom Engineering, Custom Designed
to handle Steel Plate & Steel Bar.

Magnetic Spreader Beams: Carbon & Alloy.
Load Testing Supreme Magnets 17,600 lb Magnetic Spreader Beam
Load Testing Spreader Beam 17,600 Lbs.
3x Safety Factor
High Safety Rating

Electro Permanent Lift Magnets

Design Engineering
Custom Installation
and Quality Service

Fixed Spreader Beams & Custom Designs
Mild Carbon, High Carbon & Alloy
Plate, Bar, Beams, Channel, Pipe, Tube.
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